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9027: Re: 9023: Mission Groups are Tourists Incognito (fwd)

From: Don Rowley <donrowley@minister.com>

I don't know about the rest, but for every ten people we take on an "awareness trip" we gain an average of 15 child sponsors. And an additional $ 1000/ year in one time donations. Are some of the people in our groups like tourists? YES, But face it folks, most Americans, including myself before my first trip, have NO IDEA what poor really is. Our poor live in apartments provided by the gov't, eat food from food stamps provided by the gov't get training and job assistance provided by the gov't. While the only thing Haitians recieve from thier gov't is misery and usually empty promises. Without these mission trips we can't possibly explain what it is like. If a picture paints a thousand word then actually being there paints a billion.

That's my thoughts on the matter.


Don Rowley
Director of Overseas Operations
Hope International, Inc.

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