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9040L Togetherness among Haitians and our friends (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

The world is getting smaller, today you donít have to
speak German to read a fabulous German article, the
same applies to English, French, Spanish and so on. In
the near future with God will, we will be able to
translate online the Haitian Creole. We can find a way
to bring Haitians and friends of Haiti together in
establishing a big alliance. Which can translate in
helping Haitians and friends of Haiti worldwide.
	Sometimes, one can find a foreigner more Haitian than
Haitian. You brothers/ sisters are those who are
helping you regardless of their national origins. 
	Pretty soon, Iím going to be eligible to do something
I had always wanted to do where I live: voting.
Unfortunately, I never had a chance to exert that
privilege in my native country, unless the Haitian
congress amends the Haitian constitution, which is
	We should be able to establish a network among
ourselves to support each other no matter where one
lives. And we shall not see it as republican or
democrat, regardless of your political stand. I share
some republicans as well as some democrats values,
which put me in a position to vote for whoever that
provides more opportunity in my area. A typical
example are the Jews who are a big asset for Israel,
we can unite ourselves and subsequently change our
image, our stand throughout the world. 
	Many have tendency to link some ethnic immigrant
groups to republican or to the democrat party. But in
reality, it is not truth. We have Haitians who are
republican as well as democrat. And sometimes, one can
switch party to fit one needs base on your
geographical location and your constituent. 
	Those of you who live in South Florida or NY,
Montreal North may have the luxurious to focus on your
group ethnic which is not an option in a strong
republican district in Cobb county, Ga., but the
opportunity is there. 
	American people are looking for consistency, they
accept mistakes but once you got caught just come
	Brothers and sisters as well as our friends, we shall
be able to assist each other in all aspects. We donít
have to live in the same district, same state or
country; in establishing a strong alliance among
ourselves we can significantly increase our
participation in various areas. 
	Today, for those of you are already naturalized, you
should pay attention to the redistricting process,
make sure you challenge anything that can take away
your strong hold. 
	Today, I see thing differently, United States is
indeed a land of opportunity where you can realize
your dream, you should integrate yourselves in the
system, you should be able to vote and do not hesitate
to take your chance. Do not associate an individual
with his/her political party it is personal; just
remember that we are a large family. If you live in
France, in the African continent, in the US, Canada,
(Haiti as well as you are for double citizenship) and
so on you should be able to count on our support.
Brothers and sisters, we are all Haitians and we love
Haiti, today let focus on establishing a good working
alliance among ourselves, we have to change our
environment before we can really help back home. We
have to stick together to alleviate the life of our
refugee everywhere in the world. We have to stand
together to protect the rights of our people. We have
to stand together to educate our people about the
advantage that exists in this great country. Most you
who are where you are today, you can say a big THANK
YOU to the United States of America and Canada. (you
should join today the Federation Nationale DíAlliance
One day, we might attempt to bring that spirit of hope
back home, but in the meantime, letís focus where we
NB:We shall support those who are working very hard to
create a Creole translator
Online Translation

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