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9035: Marie Vieux Chauvet: The Person & The Writer A Birthday Tribute - an HCI public program -- in New York City

From: Jerry Philogene <jqp7197@nyu.edu>

Don't miss HCI's upcoming Fall event...

Please come and support a great project!!  It promises to be a wonderful
program.  Hope you can make it.  Please pass along to all your friends and

Best regards,
Jerry Philogene
The Haitian Cultural Institute


September 6, 2001
For further contact: Vladimir Cybil: (212) 369-0998 & Rejin Leys: 			(718)
			The Haitian Cultural Institute

The Haitian Cultural Institute Presents
Marie Vieux Chauvet: The Person & The Writer
A Birthday Tribute

	On Sunday, September 16th at 1:00 pm, the Haitian Cultural Institute
presents A Birthday Tribute to novelist Marie Vieux Chauvet, 1916-1973, a
Haitian author of international importance.  After an introduction by
Professor Jean Plaisir of City College of C.U.N.Y., the event will feature
readings from Vieux Chauvet's novels, Fonds des Négres, Amour, Colère et
Folie, and Dance on the Volcano, among others, by novelist Edwidge Danticat
and artist and actress Michèle Voltaire Marcelin.  Professor of Africana
Studies at Brooklyn College, Régine Latortue will contextualized Vieux
Chauvet's works within a broader Caribbean and Haitian literary framework.
There will also be an audio/visual presentation by Professor Frank Laraque,
who will provide a thematic analysis of Vieux Chauvet's works as well as
personal testimonies by writer Ghislaine Charlier and other family members.

	In addition to examining social and historical issues, Vieux Chauvet's
poignant novels explored the turbulent era of Duvalierism.  Writing at the
time of dictatorship Vieux Chauvet's had to flee into exile in order to
publish one of her most important novels, Amour, Colère et Folie.  A
Birthday Tribute provides an introduction to Vieux Chauvet's works, one of
Haiti's leading yet overlooked writers.  This significant program also
provides an opportunity to gage the incredible breath and talent of this
extraordinary novelist.

Admission fee: $5 Adults, $3 Students.
A light brunch will be served.

The event will be held at the City College of C.U.N.Y. Convent Avenue at
138th Street, North Academic Center, First Floor Ballroom.  1 or 9 trains
to 137th Street / A, B, or C trains to 145th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue.

The Haitian Culture Institute (HCI) is a not for profit organization that
seeks to create a forum in which various manifestations of Haitian culture
can be explored, understood and appreciated.  HCI seeks to provide the
community at large with greater access to the cross-cultural life of the
Haitian Diaspora.

HCI thanks HABETAC for its generous support.