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9043: Re: 9040L Togetherness among Haitians and our friends (fwd)

From: MariLinc@aol.com


I agree with Senou that the "big things in life" will only be accomplished on 
behalf of Haiti if togetherness is actually practiced rather than just 
"supported in principle".

Regardless of class, regardless of political persuasion, regardless of 
whether someone is "natif-natal", "diaspora", "blan", "works within a 
commercial setting or NGO setting", whatever.

Over time, we get to identify who is coming to the table with clean hands and 
with unselfish motives.

The Good Book says: Ye shall know them by their fruits.

One thing in particular which struck me in Senou's note is the fact that 
twice he referred to the possibility of online Haitian Creole translation.

In the first paragraph:

<< The world is getting smaller, today you don't have to speak German to read 
a fabulous German article, the same applies to English, French, Spanish and 
so on. In the near future with God will, we will be able to translate online 
the Haitian Creole. >>

At the end:

<< NB: We shall support those who are working very hard to create a Creole 
translator Online Translation ... >>

As far as I know, MIT2 is the only entity formally committed to creating such 
a possibility. We've been bringing together the technical and linguistic 
expertise and have been arranging with other companies who hold licenses to 
the relevant technologies to work with us to expand the functionality of 
those technologies to include Haitian Creole.

But, in today's economy and because of lack of proper capitalization, MIT2 is 
like a fully-loaded bus that cannot leave the terminal because of lack of 

The team which has been assembled cannot be activated. Other than identifying 
and assembling the team and advocating on behalf of Haitian Creole across 
many disciplines and constituencies, MIT2 is now no further along the road to 
producing the translation engines than it was 2 years ago.

No money! Not enough togetherness at the pocketbook level to get this bus on 
the road!

And something we all need will continue being just that: a need, rather than 
a reality.


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