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9053: New Residents to Haiti Seminar-Bushey (fwd)

From: LauriB <LAURIB@maf.org>

     We would like to invite those interested to attend our New Residents 
     Seminar here in Port au Prince. It will be held Saturday Oct. 6th from 
     8:00 to 3:30pm at Quisqueya Chapel off Delmas 75.
     The registration fee is $20 usd per person and includes seminar, 
     handouts, snacks and catered lunch. The pre-registration is due by 
     Tuesday Oct 2nd. 
     This seminar will be helpful for those who have just moved to Haiti 
     and even for some experienced folks. The morning will start with a 
     presentation on Haiti's history and culture. Dale Heule will discuss 
     basic medical concerns, and we'll have a short veterinarian 
     presentation. One workshop will cover culture shock and another will 
     be about security issues. A session will be held on understanding more 
     about Haitian regulations. In the afternoon we have a panel on a 
     variety of interesting topics including running a household, services 
     & utilities, daily life, and of course we give lots of tips on what to 
     do for fun in Haiti.
     We really believe that this seminar is helpful for those who may have 
     just come to Haiti or who have been here awhile. Please, please help 
     us pass the word around to those who could benefit from the seminar! 
     You may contact me off line for more information.
     Thank you,
     Lauri Bushey