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9058: Re: 9051: Re: braking and breaking the charcoal cycle in Ha (fwd)

From: Riwilson <RIWILSON@maf.org>

     Dr.  Keith Flanagan, a veterinarian, has a bio-matter machine he is 
     using and demonstrating in Haiti now.  We have a four year Bible 
     college training Haitian preachers and we have had him demonstrate the 
     technique and technology.  Many men were enthusiastic.  It requires 
     about $100 U.S. in materials.  Keith estimates that a Haitian family 
     can save about 400 Gds per month using this machine.
     The problem in changing cooking technology is not as much cultural as 
     economic.  Similar to the introduction of umbrellas into London.  
     Taxi-cab operators attacked those using them because it was a threat 
     to their incomes.  
     The same is true in Haiti.  Not only must the people see the need and 
     advantage to changing, but the charcoal makers must accept it as well. 
     The technology must be provided to them so they will not lose income 
     otherwise the possibility exists for physical assault on people 
     changing from charcoal to bio-matter briquettes.  After all, those 
     most effected will be those on the lowest economic rung of Haiti's 
     Another alternative would be for the government and/or international 
     aid groups to provide funds to lease the mountains for 99 years from 
     their owners or squatters and plant trees on them.  The operational 
     factor that MIGHT make that work would be for the government to pay 
     those living on the mountain the amount they make producing charcoal 
     to guard the trees from poachers and charcoal makers. However, that 
     doesn't address the problem of the truck driver who lose for not 
     hauling charcoal, nor last wages for the street vendors of charbon.
     Richard Wilson