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9066: a little progress, a little understanding (fwd)

again, names held confidential for the time being.  this whole subject
would be a worthwhile one to cover during the Haitian Studies Association
conference, October 11-13, Burlington area, Vermont.


Warm greetings, Mr. .........,

...You understanding of the situation is correct.  However, we are now
in the process of preparing to pay the customs fees in order to release
the food shipment from customs.  Mr. _______ has, again, been very kind
in transfering the customs fees of $2,000.00 requested by the Ministry of
Finance to the account of the _______ Group.  We have not, as yet,
received the tranfer but as soon as we do and the fees are paid, the
container shall (HOPEFULLY!!!) be released.

...The problem with the shipment began when the embassy ceased to be
involved in the...Group's initiatives after the departure of _______.
Once _____ left, it was understood that the _______ Group would  be
on its own and would handle any donated shipments through its U.S. and
Haiti umbrella organization, _______  The difficulty is at the level of
the Ministry of Finance since the _______ and _______ have fulfilled all
the necessary steps to be granted duty-free clearance of the food
container. We, of the Group, believe that politics are involved --
several other NGOs have mentioned having difficulties these days with
customs clearance.

.....The reason the embassy ceased to be involved in the group is that
time and personnel resources are pulled away from the embassy's
administrative priorities in order to deal with clearing shipments of a
not-for-profit organization.

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Warmest regards and blessings,


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