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9072: Corbett comments on the recent Haiti Progres article

I apologize to the list that I posted the item from Haiti Progres
since it has nothing to do with Haiti and all, and what it does
have to do with offended many list members.

To the best of my knowledge all previous post of Haiti Progres
were Haiti-oriented which is the ONLY thing I'm willing to post
on the list.  I didn't read it first.  I simply assume that it
would meet the two criteria for post on this list:

	-- an item about Haiti, Haitians or Haitian-Americans
		in a way relevant to Haiti.
	-- not be a personal attack on a list member for
		a post made on the list.

This edition of the Haiti Progres should have been rejected by
me since it violated the first criterion.  I did n';t check it
as I do most posts since I have never seen an edition before
in several years of publishing the Haiti Progres items which
violated the criteria.

Several have written wanting to reply to Haiti Progres.  I will
not post such items, and I should never have posted that one
in the first place. I have no intention of opening the list
to general posts.  It's strictly a Haiti list and I made
an error by not reading it.

I will guarentee that I will not post any further Haiti Progres
posts without taking the time I need to read it first carefully
to see if it fits the list criteria, if it takes me weeks to
find the time.

I am very sorry it was posted.  It didn't belong on the list.

Bob Corbett