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9073: Haitians, you are responsible to fix your own mess (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Haitians, you are responsible to fix your own mess
I hope Haitians understand that they are responsible
to fix their own mess. There were complained that
Haiti's case was not even figure in the latest OAS
meeting in the Peruvian capital. The world is moving
forward and each country is preoccupied and has to
deal with its own dilemma. Today, we send our
condolences to the family of those who had perished
and our deepest sympathy to the injured. America is a
strong nation and anyone of us could have been among
the victims as well. May God protect this great
There are no words to describe what had taken place on
September 11, 2001.  What one has to see Americans
democrat and republican alike stand shoulder to
shoulder, united behind their leader to deal with that
	In 1994, I watched the land of Toussaint Louverture
being humiliated by the presence of foreign troops to
satisfy individual ego. Instead of getting together to
get thru that embarrassment we had chosen to revive
our old dispute. 
	Haiti, you are alone to fix your own problems. There
are qualified and capable Haitians who can help out
but make no mistake, no one will put his/her life on
the line for this nonsense that is going on right now.

	The Haitian people in getting rid of Duvalier had
wanted a truth democracy and Haitian people deserve
better than that. Discussion in the senate about
people who are getting rich over night, criminals are
walking freely on the street, judges are fighting
among themselves. A police commissioner was put in
"garde  vue" after a well coordinated military action
against the PNH, preliminaries investigation had found
him innocent, he did not get his job back what is
going on, don't we have employment protection.
	What is going on? The Prime Minister declared that
any member of the government must have his clearance
before living the country, which had led to the
demission of the education minister. Is Haiti becoming
the new Cuba in the region? Travel restriction had
never been heard before, even when Haiti was under a
dictatorship, the Haitians could have traveled easily
	There must be a set of condition that must be met in
order for Haiti to receive international support. The
international community has to understand giving or
lending money to the Haitian government may not be
reimbursed. These steps must be taken before any
pennies reach Haitian shores.
1.	An audit of all Haitian officials. 
2.	the killers of Jean Dominique, Antoine Izemery and
Jean-Marie Vincent must be brought to trial.
3.	 A trial date for all prisoners who had been in
jail for more than 45 days otherwise all of them must
be released without condition. (The state must be
prepared to start a trial upon making an arrest, the
defendant is the only one allowed to ask for extra
4.	An audit of all prisoners in jail in Haiti; an
inspection of all Haitian jails by an independent
commission if their conditions are unsatisfactory, all
prisoners must be released. 
5.	A political settlement in the negotiation

In many occasions, I heard people said that previous
governments used to do it, but we claim that we are
living in a new era. Why do we have to rely on
foreigners to force two groups who are living in the
same country to talk among themselves? Why we have to
by-pass Gerard Latortue and others great Haitians who
had a proven record to help in finding a solution. The
solution to remove Haiti where it is today has to come
from within. Map pose tet mwen kestyon, koman yon moun
f pa ka konpran-n l ke ou nan grangou. The people
are powerless and those who can help them out are
fighting for power without having any interest to
alleviate their suffering. 

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