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9079: Re: 9073: Haitians, you are responsible to fix your own mess , (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Jean Poincy" <caineve@yahoo.fr>

If it is true that Ayitians must fix their own mess,
it must be done with a government like that of the
Duvalier, but with good will. 

In Ayiti, too many people can talk, have the right to
talk, protest, say or do as they see fit. No serious
governement is run that way.

Because Ayiti has done nothing worth getting the rest
of the world's attention, it must do the way it is
doing now to get attention, like a rotten kid. It's a
question of mentality. What we have in Ayiti will
always be whether it's Lavalass, Convergence, or any
other politician for that matter evolving in a state
of democracy.

It's not about a government or one government, it's
about the Ayitian people with a self-destructive
mentality that prevents it from progressing. With such
and with any current politician Ayiti will remain in
the A, B, C of of building a society. 

I think the French were right at the time of Ayiti's
independence when saying that those guys were savage
rebels who will never be able to administer
themselves. Both the fathers of the country and their
descendants confirm this prediction.

Whether it's racism or not, the record has proven them
right. One must be objective. Since the country's
birth the place has always been a place of chaos,
stupidity and barbarism. I challenge anyone to prove
me wrong by any historical account.

Such a destructive mentality is so deeply rooted that
the people does not have a clear conscience of their
poverty and hunger. Poverty, misery and hunger are a
state of nature for the people. They are quite
comfortable with it. Any move they make is wrong. How
can one fix that if it's not by reshaping the
mentality of the people, but it can not be done
through democracy as is nor through formal education. 

It can only be done with an iron fist with good will.
Other than that the place will remain the same. For I
would welcome any type of government that can force
the people to do things and restrict them in  the way
they live.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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