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9086: Re: 9081: Re: 9079: Sabalat Foreign Minister claim (fwd)

From: John Kozyn <jckozyn@hotmail.com>

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

>I may be wrong but I think that Haiti's Minister of Foreign Affairs from
>1991-92 was Marie-Denise Fabien Jean-Louis. In 1993, Claudete Werleigh was
>appointed. I think that from 1991, Jean-Robert Sabalat was Haiti's 
>to France. Am I right?


She was the first Foreign Minister under the Aristide/Preval government 
until - and I don't remember precisely offhand - the end of 1991 or so. 
Sabalat was appointed originally as Ambassador to both France and Italy 
where he had lived for some time following Duvalier's (Papa Doc) attacks on 
his family. He became FM to the government-in-exile until 1993 when 
Claudette Werleigh replaced him in the Aristide/Malval government. She 
continued under the Aristide/Michel government after October 1994 until CW 
became PM in November 1995.

Hope this helps,

John Kozyn

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