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9091: Lavalas & Convergence will never reach a political compromise (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

I was surprised hearing some folks asking when the
convergence and the Lavalas will reach a compromise.
In answering your question, I want to be optimist but
history had told otherwise. May 18th, 1803 was the
only time Haitian people had reached a compromise. It
was a force compromise, they did not have any choice:
either fight for freedom or return to slavery, the
choice was crystal clear. 
	Soon after taking our independence, we have divided
until today. We had killed the person who had
sacrifice his life to give us the freedom, betrayal is
not new to us, we had betrayed Toussaint Louverture,
we had betrayed Charlemagne Peralte, today we are
betraying ourselves for a few bucks. 
	The compromise took place before Haiti was a nation,
since independence I can't find anywhere where Haitian
had entered into a compromise to help the country.
	My friends, only a miracle can bring a political
compromise between these two antagonists. What have
you seen lately? The 46th congress had a nickname the
"do nothing congress" a politic of empty chair, these
same thing is going on right now with this
controversial congress. 
	Oh sorry, I forgot to ANSWER YOUR QUESTION there
won't be any political settlement between these two
antagonists, unless another group step in. You and I
know that the Haitian dilemma will not be resolved
peacefully, only two equal force can negotiate; there
must be a consequence if one violate an agreement,
Haiti has not crossed that route yet, but it is

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