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9095: Haiti the vultures'prey (fwd)

From: jean alexandre <alexandrille@yahoo.com>


Under the dictatorship of Mr. Jean Claude Duvalier, we
stupendously witnessed fraudulent financial practices
and misuse of power. Once again, history is repeating
itself in Haiti, with the Lavalas party and the
presidencies of Mr. Jean Bertrand Aristide and Mr.
René Garcia Préval under which some unexplained and
corrupted transactions took place.

Today, keeping in mind the accessibility, honest work
and integrity that have to be part of any government
position, we are highlighting a list of questionable
facts and requesting public explanation be made to the
people of Haiti.

Without a renewed self-criticism of the Haitian
society, it will never break from counter productive
and outdated practices. It will not find a way to
enjoy a true development and self-dependency. We have
to fight all types of corruption. This is part of the
patriotic fight for the nation.

&#61623; Why didn’t they recount the votes for the May
21st, 2000 elections ? Would this have been able to
prevent the suffering and the lingering crisis of the
Haitian people ?

&#61623; Why did the sudden revocation of the
electoral committee headed by Mr. Ernst Mirville take
place ? He was instrumental in the realization of the
May and November elections. Why was his team replaced
by an inoperative one spearheaded by Mr. Alix Lamarque

&#61623; The exile of Mr. Leon Manus, President of the
electoral committee, took place after he was pressured
and threatened by Mr. Rene Garcia Preval and Mr. Jean
Bertrand Aristide to have him published fraudulent
results for the May 21st, 2000 election. No
explanations were given and no follow up took place.
Why ?

&#61623; The diversionary acts to hamper the crime
investigation of Mr. Jean Léopold Dominique,
journalist and Mr. Jean Claude Louissaint, directed by
Judge Claudy Gassant. They have established a real tug
of war between the Judge and the Government
representative. What is going on ? 

&#61623; Why is there complete silence with regard to
political murders ? I.e.: The assassinations of Marie
Christine Jeune, a police officer; Mireille Durocher
Bertin, Lawyer and leader of a political; Father Jean
Pierre-Louis, priest and critic of the Lavalas regime;
Dr Yvon Toussaint, Senator and member of a political
party; Colonel Jean Lamy, upper officer of the
National Police.

&#61623; The fact that  Mr. Dongo Joseph, a lavalas’
mayor, and his followers assaulted two judges in the
Peace Tribunal of Mirebalais. They have never been
brought to justice and no follow up is taking place.

&#61623; The issue with an American citizen, Mrs.
Mildred Trouillot Aristide, who headed a Haitian team
to the International forum on AIDS, sponsored by the
United Nations. Did she regain the Haitian citizenship
to allow her to represent the Haitian government on
this international venue ?

&#61623; The Haitian Government’s purchase of the Mr.
Moscoso’s house for the benefit of ex-president Mr.
René Garcia Préval? Speculations have the transaction
budget around $1200000.00 US. What is the real cost ?
Is there an existing Haitian’s law for such
transaction ?

&#61623; The Haitian Government’s purchase of the Mr.
Marc Ashton’s house where the Prime Minister, Mr. Jean
Marie Chérestal resides. Rumors have the buying price
at $1500000.00 US. What is the real cost ? Who
authorize this purchase ? Was it an agreed upon
decision by the power to be or not ?

&#61623; What is the status of the investigation on
the sale of Haitian Government’s planes? The money for
this transaction never made into the government
budget. What really happened ? Who is conducting the
investigation ?

&#61623; The theft of $700000.00 by the National
Police force at the Port-au-Prince airport. Money
taken from business people and later disappeared from
the police Commissariat. Several upper government
administrators and senators were implicated. Is there
any investigation ?

&#61623; The revocation of Judge Jean Sénat Fleury,
member of the Judiciary branch, by the Justice
Minister, Mr. Gary Lissade, member of the Executive
branch. Action suspected to be related to the seizure
of 450 Kilos of cocaine at the house of Mr. Jacques
Ketan located at “Belvil” near Port-au-Prince. Why ?
Is there any investigation ?

&#61623; The embezzlement of approximately
2,000,000Gourdes from the Chamber of Lavalas Deputy
was denounced by a majority of Lavalas Deputies. What
is going on? Is there any investigation ?

&#61623; The well publicized mismanagement of funds by
the Mayor of La Croix des Bouquets, Mr. Jean Claude
Pierre-Louis, member of the Lavalas party. The
Superior court confirmed these obscure and
unscrupulous management practices of the mayor’s
office. What is going on ? Is there any investigation

&#61623; The well publicized mismanagement of funds by
the Mayor of Delmas, Mr. Patrick Norzeus, member of
the Lavalas party. He publicly warned anyone or
parties who tries to start an investigation. His
argument was he would go down with a lot of Lavalas
members in high places. What is going on ? Is there
any investigation ?

&#61623; The embezzlement of 2,000,000 Gourdes from
the mayor’s office in Port-au-Prince by Mrs. Marie
Yves P. Duperval, Mayor and member of the Lavalas
party. Action uncovered and denounced by Mr Harold
Severe and Mr Luckner Momplaisir, auditors. The mayor
later stated she used this money for the Carnival and
the auditors are the ones unlawfully collecting funds
from the communities markets, from Port-au-Prince
cemetery and from other municipalities’ taxes. The
Superior Court published an official audit
highlighting unhealthy fund management by the mayor’s
office headed by Mrs. Duperval. What is going on ? Is
there any investigation ?

&#61623; Several official audits published by the
Superior Court of Finance, confirmed unruly fund
management taking place in all the metropolitan area
mayor’s offices (Port-au-Prince, Carrefour, Delmas)
except the one headed by Mrs. Claire Lydie Parent,
Mayor of Pétion-ville. What is going on ? Is there any
investigation ?

&#61623; Seven government automobiles used by Lavalas
senators who resigned and kept them. What is going on
? Is there any investigation ?

&#61623; Several trips to Cuba taken by the President
Rene Preval, how much did they cost? Did the Haitian
Parliament agree to them ? In light of the fact that
the Cuban government tends to favor relation with the
Dominican Republic that shares the island with Haiti.
Why this sudden preferential treatment and priority to
cooperate with Cuba? With who and where was the start
of diplomatic exchange with Cuba discussed ? Is this
the choice of the nation or that of a party ?

&#61623; The trip to Cuba taken by the President Mr.
Jean Bertrand Aristide while Haiti is under a
political crisis and in an economic recession. How
much did it cost ? Did any other government office
approve this? This could be viewed as a leftist
gesture and compromises the national interest of the
country vis a vis this unstoppable globalization

&#61623; No investigation or judgement rendered
following the failed Coup d’Etat by some policemen.
Action revealed by the Prime Minister Mr. Jacques
Edouard Alexis stemming from an obscure deal (March
6th, 1999 Accord) between the executive branch,
represented by Mr. Rene Garcia Préval, and a small
opportunistic group named “ Espace de concertation”.
Was a real Coup d’Etat taking place? Is it another
masquerade ? Is there any investigation ?

&#61623; What happened to the people fragrantly caught
placing explosive in Petion-ville? Where are they ?
What political party did they belong to? Is this
another well-orchestrated political masquerade ?

&#61623; The incarceration of Dr Blondel Auguste at
the Port-au-Prince Commissariat jail, he was arrested
at his house, driven to the National Palace and later
transferred to the Commissariat. He was accused of
writing graffiti’s hostile to President Aristide on
the walls on the Public Health Minister and on the
National Palace. Doesn’t article 28 of the Haitian
constitution guarantee freedom of speech in Haiti ?
Additional accusations were brought against him. They
claimed he had ammunitions and explosives at his house
while no search was ever conducted there. The speaker
of the National Police, Mr. Jean Dady Siméon, made
these declarations. Dr. B. Auguste, ex-member of the
health Minister’s office Dr. Michaelle Amédée Gédéon
member of the fanmi Lavalas party, took the occasion
to implicate several Senators, member of fanmi Lavalas
party, in the drug traffic in Haiti. He was released
four days after his incarceration without any
judgement. Is the National Police force a
professionally conducted one? Is this another
political masquerade ? Is there any investigation ?

&#61623; One year after the electoral campaign of
2000, the contested Lavalas mayor of Port-au-Prince
and the contested President of Haiti are still holding
on to giant posters of the candidate Mr. Jean Bertrand
Aristide on the streets and public parks of
Port-au-Prince. This is done despite article 7 of the
country’s constitution that formally objects to such
practice and condemns the personality cult.

&#61623; There has never been a financial audit
showing the use of the funds from the country’s
telephone company, TELECO. Its revenue were frozen in
the USA and made available to the exile President Mr.
Jean Bertrand Aristide to pay its Cabinet. Why was a
portion of these funds used to pay Washington
lobbyists ? How much did the President spend on
lawyers and lobby firms? Are these high-risk
investments legally accepted practices in Haiti? What
was the total amount spent ?

&#61623; Mr. Jean Bertrand Aristide allegedly used  $
450000.00 government funds to hire an American lobby
firm. Is there a law in Haiti allowing the Executive
branch to invest tax payers’ money in such a risky way
? While the country was facing an economic and
political crisis, did another government office
authorize this transaction ?

&#61623; A $5000000.00 contract to produce 20
megawatts of electricity granted to Mr. Bonnefil of
the Haytian Tractor company. How come EDH (Elétricité
D’Haiti) did not produce this energy ? It would have
avoided the increase in the nation debt and prevented
a rise in the cost of living. Power production is
vital to the development of the country, is it
reasonable to have it mismanaged? Did the contested
Haitian parliament have any say on the matter ?

&#61623; Two planes landed in Gonaives. The police
reported they were carrying cocaine from Columbia,
they confiscated 400 kilos from one and the people in
the area looted the other. Is there any investigation

&#61623; During Mr. René Garcia Préval term in office,
a contested Lavalas Senator, Mr. Dany Toussaint,
affirmed that the President’s automobile was used to
carry illegal drugs in Haiti. What is the status of
the investigation ? If, any ?

&#61623; Mr. Yvon Bonhomme, member of OSA
(Organization to Save Haiti) working closely with the
Lavalas party, was implicated in the release from jail
of a woman, a citizen of Jamaica, imprisoned for drug
trafficking. He later took refuge in the USA where he
stated that the Lavalas government is involved with
narcotic business and added they have made it a
priority. Did any investigation take place ? 

&#61623; The embezzlement of government funds by Mr.
Frantz Merceron, ex finance minister, and by Mr.
Stanley Théard, owner of the pasta factory “Itala”.
Unknown and obscure circumstances surrounded Itala
ownership transfer from the Haitian Government to Mr.
Théard. The latter is still occupying the office of
the Minister of commerce. Is there any investigation ?

&#61623; The Taiwanese government provided a
$20000000.00 US fund to repair the road leading to
Carrefour. A member of the “lafanmi selavi”, a charity
organization acting like a construction firm offered
an incomplete explanation of the fund use. This
charity organization - firm was also behind the
construction of the Tabarre road leading to Mr. Jean
Bertrand Aristide residence, road later renamed
October 15th, Boulevard. Is there any investigation ?

&#61623; A number of small projects executed by the
President Cabinet called " petits projets de la
Présidence".  Although they are government projects,
their selection, budget and management remained
unclear. The Fanmi Lavalas party of which Mr. Aristide
is a member exclusively uses the Tabarre auditorium.
Why ? Is there any investigation ?

&#61623; How much is the Haitian government paying for
the protection of the contested President, the
ex-president and his family ? This task was assigned
to a foreign security firm. Isn’t the National Police
force able to efficiently perform this job ?

&#61623; The repair contract of Port-au-Prince public
parks awarded to a private firm without any
competitive bid. Why ? Is there any investigation ?

&#61623; The Executive branch purchased hundreds
buses, “Service Plus” and “Dignité”, without the
Haitian Parliament approval and without any
competitive bids. Why ? Is there any investigation ?

&#61623; The Executive branch purchased luxury
automobiles, Mercedes Benz, for the association of
Tourism Drivers without the Haitian Parliament
approval and without any competitive bids. Why ? Was
any contract agreed upon ?

&#61623; Cellular phones frequencies awarded to
Haitian-American firms without any competitive bids.
Can this be considered as a free-trade example or an
oriented privatization for the benefit of one man and
these companies ?

&#61623; Several government repair contracts awarded
to private companies without any competitive bids. 

&#61623; Is there a sensible administrative budget for
the government ? If yes, were the following
assumptions included ? Equipment capability,
reliability and maintenance.
      (Equipment: Automobiles, Desks, Weapons,
Uniforms, Helicopters….)



We wish that a legally established Haitian government
would shed some lights on all the issues indicated
above. By doing so, it would not only help acquit
several citizen wrongly accused of fund embezzlement,
corruption and dictatorial practices but also regain
its integrity and power for a long lasting, harmonious
and rational economic development.

Port-au-Prince, September, 2001.

Jean P. Alexandre

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