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9099: The policy of empty chair (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Policy of the empty chair has returned in the Haitian
Senate. The senators Lavalas continue to be sulky the
meetings in spite of the ceaseless calls of the
president of the Large Body, Yvon Neptune, who is
losing patience. The senators who function permanently
did not hold meeting since Monday September 10, 2001
marking the work closure of the second annual session
of the 47 legislatures. The number of fourteen (14)
senators necessary to obtain the quorum cannot be
reached whereas the twenty (20) senators all in
function are of the party     Fanmi Lavalas to the
What is the problem? Some Senators prefer resigning
from their post instead of voting to revoke the
immunity of another Senator. It is the duty of the
premier Minister or the president to call a special
session to vote yes or no on revoking the immunity of
the senator. 
	In playing this game, the Senate has shown that they
had learned how to play partisan politic but
unfortunately the Dominique case is a criminal matter
and has nothing to do with politic. Today, I put in
doubt the truthfulness of a leader in Haiti, he was an
advocate for justice under the Duvalier regime and the
CNG, and he has remained silent on the Dominique case.
Many had accused the people under the Duvalier regime
of using the people money (state money) for their own
interest; the same thing is going on today. Now, the
question: is there a difference between the Duvalier
era and now?  I can careless of where anyone stands,
but there is no reason why the Haitian senate cannot
vote on the immunity issue, there is no reason why
people money has to be spent for personal needs. If
there is a provision in constitution that stated that
the state must purchase a house for each member of the
government? The Senator of Jacmel had voiced his
opposition to it and many others. "Drapo monté, drapo
dezan-n" it takes 27 years to bring down the Duvalier
government, the Haitian people deserve better than
that. It will happen when less expected; some people
need to be taught. 

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