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9115: RE: 9111: No replies to Poincy?? (fwd)

From: "Milde, Robert" <Robert.Milde@eku.edu>

I have not yet replied to anything on this list, in part because I am an
anglo, U.S. academic who needs to do more listening than talking here.

But I'll take the bait, briefly. I have a single question for Jean Poincy:
has there ever been -- can you prove, by any historical account -- that
strong dictatorial powers have ever been used "with good will" in any
country, much less Haiti? One can point to "great" achievements of
dictatorial systems, surely, but can you show any that did not at some time
commit gigantic thefts, atrocities, murders? 

And would you rather think about addressing violence in the form of street
crime or violence in the form of state-sponsored terror? Which problem is
easier to address? Is it really possible to imagine "the iron fist with good

What I hear from Haitian people on this list and elsewhere is a distrust of
those in power so great it may include anyone who tries to exercise "good
will" -- and the people seem wise, given history. I'm listening to those who
know more than me for constructive approaches -- I'm not the one to give
solutions here. But the "iron fist" won't help.

Robert Milde