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9147: Help our hometown or Parents' hometown in Haiti (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Will the U.S. put more patrol boat in the Caribbean
region to prevent political and economical refugee to
enter in its border. What will happen to the will be
Haitian refugee? Life won't ever be the same again.
For the past 20 years we have focus in helping the
refugee in the US and Canada, now it is time to
redirect our strategy. We should try to help them in
Haiti. In the years to come, U.S. will close its
border to this type of migration. Those of you who are
involved in advocacy and humanitarian group, let try
to assist our fellow compatriots back home. Let start
working together to rebuild the land of Toussaint
Louverture, to alleviate the suffering of our people
and to give the new generation some hope. Your first
question will focus on the political dilemma, my
friends Haiti has a political problem since its
independence and it won't go away anytime soon. In the
meantime, our poor people need to eat, go to school
and live in a decent shelter. Can we help them out?
Yes, we can. 
	Let me share with you this story. I met a friend
while I was living in Florida at that time Mr. Jean
Claude Duvalier was still president of Haiti. He had
approached me with a business plan, since he was
involved in the morgue business I say:" why you don't
put one in your own community". He replied: " I'm
against the government" I said what the government has
to do with it. I said remember you have the capacity
and the ability to do something in your birthplace far
deep in the country. After a year, Duvalier was still
in power, his mom went to pass a cool vacation back
home and died with an heart attack in her birth place,
he had received a telegram upon arriving there her mom
was already buried. When he returned, in less than
four months he had built a morgue for his community
and Duvalier was still in power. I said my friend
helping your community has nothing to do with the
	You are going to see people who are going to talk
politic all their life and those who are going to do
something to help their brothers and sisters. Whether
you are from left, right or center, I urge you to help
your community or your parents' community back home.
If many of you are doing it, it won't take long to
change the face of Haiti. Whether you like it or not,
as Haitians or friends of Haiti it is your
responsibility to help those you care for, those who
are in the needs. Remember, action speaks louder than
words. You know hard time is coming, do not let
politic prevent you doing something for your
community. My friends forget about the whole country,
do something for your own region. Send your assistance
to humanitarian organization already established, if
there is none in your region get in touch with the
priest, the pastor or a good hearted community leader
to start one, send your financial contribution, send
books, send clothes that you are going to discard or
send some good one if you can. 

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