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9198: Haiti: Another round of negotiation (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Haiti: Another round of negotiation
The leaders of the country have two choices keep on
fighting or enter into a political compromise. We have
been fighting for the past two hundred years and Haiti
is no longer in the third world but in the 7th world
which mean we have made a reverse progress. Now it is
time to stop. The language of arrogance is not going
to take us anywhere.  We are going to do something
that we have not done before: Compromise.  Which means
both actors have to leave their comfort zone and deal
with the situation accordingly. It will take dedicated
men and women who can go above politic of
self-destruction to salvage what we have left, to help
heal the nation. 
		I urge the Haitian president to assist the people
that he claimed he is fighting for to engage
personally in the negotiation. Some sacrifices need to
be made; a real leader will do it for his/her country.
Toussaint Louverture was living a good life but had to
sacrifice it to give us freedom. Daniel Fignole, the
most popular Haitian leader, had accepted the
presidency to spare the country from an occupation. My
conscience does not allow me to compare the Haitian
president with these two great leaders, but you can
leave your name in the history book by doing something
people will thank you for. Call for a general
congressional election. To be frank with you, election
is not going to resolve Haiti current political
problem since it is tied with a class issue, but it is
the only choice for the time being. The Haitian
people, the Haitian living in the Diaspora, the
international community and friends of Haiti shall
help the players to find a solution.
1) Refrain using derogatory remarks against each other
before and during the negotiation.
2) Understand that each sector shall give something;
otherwise there is no reason to negotiate.
3) Negotiate in good faith
4) Select folks who are not controversial to lead each
5) Identify areas you have agreement and deal with
others one step at the time.
6) Do it in a neutral zone.
7) Address each other with respect even in a heated
8) Don't walk out.
9) Stay away from people private life and past
10) Use the language of persuasion
  In the meantime, please assist the non-governmental
organizations that provide food and shelter to the
needy.  I wish all of them can put aside their
personal interest and see the needs of the country.  
	NB: I call upon everyone who would like to see a
change in Haiti to refrain from making unnecessary
analysis about why there cannot be an agreement. There
will be a time for that, but at this present moment
let focus our attention to see how we can contribute
to help these folks find a solution. Let's give
everyone the benefice of the doubt, may be this time
they might be willing to find one. Who knows?  We have
seen a good example, all Americans are united behind
George Bush, the US president, and no one talked about
he stole the election. Brothers and sisters, there is
a time for everything. Today is the time to support
both the Convergence and the Lavalas to find a
political solution. Let wish them good luck.

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