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9200: Corbett needs help with course on Voodoo

Folks, in the next term I am teaching a course here in 
Vienna on Haiti Voodoo Religion.  Since there aren't really
any texts I like a great deal, and because I have a 
significant number of files of my owe on-line I plan to
run the course 100% with on-line readings.

One of the themes I plan to develop early on is the theme
of the syncretic nature of Voodoo as a union of African
spirit religion and Roman Catholicism.  I am wanting to
find a useful essay on that topic on-line.  If any of you
know of one I would appreciate it.

Also, I do hope to build a significant set of links to other
people's web pages who have serious material on Haiti
Voodoo in the English language.  I know that Guy Antoine's
does and Kathy Grey's.  Can any of you recommend other
web pages where I might find useful material to have 
my students read?

I would appreciate any leads.

Thanks,  Bob Corbett