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9227: BBC NEWS (fwd)

From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>

Haiti: Highlights of Radio Galaxie news 1800 gmt 9 Oct 01 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 10, 2001

1. The Group for the Defence of Haitian Youths demands the arrest of Patrick Guillaume, police commissioner of Petion-Ville. On 24 September a girl was beaten during a police raid on her family's house in Petion-Ville. The police were reportedly looking for weapons. 

2. This group also criticizes the Aristide-Cherestal administration and calls for the dissolution of the cabinet. 

3. Students at the State University of Haiti expressed criticism of both protagonists of the post-electoral crisis. They doubt that either side has the will to end the impasse. 

4. Opposition leader Hubert De Ronceray scoffed at the notion that the Convergence is a failure. He noted that courage, determination and good will are on the side of Convergence. To those who call the opposition inflexible or acting in bad faith, he pointed out that the Convergence from the beginning has fought so that favourable conditions would make it possible to bring about a solution to the crisis. Where there is no will for a solution, there can be no solution, he said. He added that the opposition has worked for the end to the persecution of their partisans in the Artibonite and the Plateau Central, and what they have gained instead is the president saying that there is no crisis. 

5. Two people's organizations, the Organization for the Reconstruction of Haiti (Organization Pour la Reconstruction d'Haiti, ORDH) and Solidarity Organization for National Change (Organization Tetes Ensemble Pour le Changement Nationale, OTECN) criticized both protagonists of the post-electoral crisis. They called on the people to mobilize in order to bring both sides to the negotiating table in the spirit of compromise and patriotism. 

6. In reaction to recent efforts on the part of the international community to resume the negotiations, Deputy Wilner Content said that the country cannot count on the international community to improve the people's situation because "//Haiti is a black nation.//" 

7. Officials of the Dominican and Haitian governments today continued their two-day meeting at the El Rancho Hotel on implementing the trans-border action plan that was agreed upon by both governments in February 2000. The purpose of the plan is to improve living conditions in the border area. It is being supported by the European Union. 

8. The Superior Court of Accounts and Litigation (CSCCA) has issued a partial report on the management of Port-au-Prince city hall. The report criticizes the mayor's office for mismanagement but did not mention embezzlement. 

9. Residents in la Plaine du Cul de Sac near Croix-des-Bouquets are protesting against the intervention of the police to settle their property dispute. Some whose homes have been destroyed said they will continue to defend themselves. 

Source: Radio Galaxie, Port-au-Prince, in French 1800 gmt 9 Oct 01 

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.

Haiti: Highlights of Radio Metropole news 1145 gmt 9 Oct 01 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 9, 2001

3. [05] The representative of the Lavalas Family (FL), Yvon Neptune, affirmed yesterday that elections will be held for seven senators with or without the participation of the Convergence. Senator Gerald Gilles relayed the same statement and blamed the international community and the Civil Society Initiative Group (GISC) for aggravating the country's situation. 

4. [08] President Jean-Bertrand Aristide yesterday received a delegation of the new Friends of Haiti group, which was led by the representative of the OAS secretary-general, Sergio Romero Cuevas. The meeting went well, according to the diplomat. The communication minister confirmed the visit of Ambassador Luigi Einaudi, who is due to arrive this week. Minister Guy Paul said that the FL is seeking an agreement to help release international assistance. Paul added that "the FL has made enough concessions and I do not see any other concessions that it could possibly make again". 

5. [11] The OAS Support Group met GISC members yesterday afternoon. This meeting allowed the GISC to harmonize its role with that of the international community in the search for a solution to the crisis. GISC spokesman Edouard Paultre said: "The GISC is in favour of holding new legislative and local elections in November 2002." 

6. [14] The Convergence condemns the FL's attitude. The main opposition coalition stated that the next negotiations will be a revealing moment in which the people will know who is indeed responsible for its suffering. 

8. [21] The Senate of the Republic is displeased with the statement made by Reporters Without Borders, which believes that the Senate committee that is studying whether to lift Dany Toussaint's immunity has been lax. The Senate president affirmed that the committee will take as much time as necessary to do its work. 

9. [23] The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is still working on studying the dossiers of certain personalities who have been designated to represent Haiti overseas. The committee heard former Senator Renaud Bernardin yesterday. Bernardin will represent Haiti in Canada. Committee Chairman Yvon Feuille thinks that Bernardin has the ability to do the job. Former Senator Bernardin said: "It is an opportunity for me to serve the country at another level. I will do my best to serve the country efficiently." 

10. [27] The Haitian government signed a contract with Italy for the supply of rice estimated at 14m gourdes. 

11. [28] The Italian Ambassador in Haiti welcomes the choice of his government to grant assistance to Haiti. Stefano Canavesio expressed concern over the country's worsening economic situation. 

12. [30] More than 20 of the Port-au-Prince and provinces network will take part in a seminar held by the Haitian Federation of Associations, Centres, and Clubs of UNESCO from 8 to 14 October. The purpose of the seminar is to promote the culture of peace. 

Source: Radio Metropole, Port-au-Prince, in French 1145 gmt 9 Oct 01 

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.