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9239: Calhoun's Collector's Society, Inc ( Scandal of the Audubon , Stamp Collection Question) ? (fwd)

From: Robert E Nowicki <rnowicki@cableone.net>

I am writing to ask you a question about the Official Audubon Birds of
America 150th Anniversary
Commemorative Stamp Issue. I have logged onto the Calhoun's Collector's
Society and read about the
Scandal of the Audubon Stamps from Brian D. Oakes and read the other
articles about this. I am confused
about this wanting to know from you or someone you know if this collection I
have has a lot of value or
very little value or none at all. Please help me and advise.

Thank you very much.

Robert E Nowicki

PS: Please also let me know a Web Site if any, where I can find out the
value ot this set today( Oct, 2001)