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9243: BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 12, 2001 (fwd)

From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>

Haiti: Priest in Gonaives calls on people to "rebel against the Lavalas regime" 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 12, 2001

[Sejour] //The former parish priest of La Chapelle has invited all the parents who are not working and who cannot meet the needs of their families to rise up against the Lavalas regime as they did to undermine the foundation of the dictatorship in the country in 1986.// 

//According to Reverend Father Francois Alix Joseph, if the masses are experiencing hunger while the government has set itself up as a true magnate of the real-estate business by wasting money through the purchase of luxurious houses, the taxpayers who do not get services must rise up against this government.//... Joseph spoke at the microphone of Radio Galaxie: 

[Joseph] //Exactly, as we used to do before, we must start rebelling. I believe that when we reach a situation where the people are out of breath, a situation of oppression and arbitrariness,// insurrection is a necessity, insurrection is an emergency and a right of the people. So, I call on the people for rebellion. I call on the people for insurrection. I call on the Haitian people to rebel against the Lavalas regime //so we can rid the country of this stinking mud that prevents the people from breathing.// 

So, insurrection is an emergency today. Insurrection is necessary. We must rise up against the Lavalas regime. 

[Sejour] It should be pointed out that Light for All Haitians, //Limye pou tout Ayisyen, LIPAY//, a people's organization close to the Lavalas regime, almost thinks the same way as it demands the implementation of all the laws that give the people the right to work, school, lodging, education and so on. 

Source: Radio Galaxie, Port-au-Prince, in French 1230 gmt 11 Oct 01 

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.

Haiti: Highlights of Radio Nationale news 1400 gmt 11 Oct 01 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 12, 2001

2. [04] Report on criticism by Lavalas Family, FL, interim leader Yvon Neptune against the international community, international sponsors, the Civil Society Initiative Group, GISC, and the opposition. 

3. [08] Government leaders and members of FL should be very careful about their disagreements in order not to give the adversaries opportunities to make more destructive criticisms. This is a statement made yesterday by Senator Pierre Sancon Prince who was commenting on the rumours of disagreement between Prime Minister Jean-Marie Cherestal and Interior and Territorial Collectivities Minister Henri-Claude Menard. He advocated the respect of hierarchy within the government and the respect of ethics. 

An excerpt from his statement follows: "We must stop giving the people the impression that we are a group of people who are struggling for power. We know that the Haitian people's enemies always take advantage of the weaknesses existing within the people's camp to take actions against the people." 

4. [11] In order to allow explanations to be given about the management of the funds collected by the Immigration and Emigration Service, Senator Prince, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has invited the finance minister and the interior minister to a hearing. Prince explained: "To get more information and make rational decisions, we in the committee have invited both Economy and Finance Minister Gustave Faubert and Interior Minister Menard to a working session with us on funds taken for the passports delivered as a matter of emergency and the management of these funds. This session will allow us to shed light on several points, I could say on a number of rumours circulating in the press. That will allow us to get reliable information so that we can make the necessary decisions." It should be pointed out that the first rumour that was denied by the government was an alleged conflict between National Education Minister Gaston Merisier and Interior Minister Menard. 

5. [13] Agronomist Pierre Michel Renard, senator of the Centre Department and Senate quaestor, denounced a murder attempt on his life that was set up by Hinche Mayor Dongo Joseph, according to the senator. Renard accused Joseph of being involved in corruption, and asked the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation, CSCCA, to conduct an audit of Joseph's management. 

An excerpt from his statement follows: "Everybody in the Centre Department, regardless of whether they are Convergence or Lavalas supporters, is often saying that Lavalas has done nothing. I said that to stop repeating these things, you should be sure that the government has given no money. But I have documents proving to me that the government has released funds for activities that should be made little by little." He explained that he was aware that the mayor had received three cheques, and that he asked the mayor to explain what was done with the funds he received. He said he advised the mayor to keep the deputy mayors informed of any funds he has received or any projects that have been approved. Renard added: "I am taking the opportunity to denounce the behaviour of the police in the department, especially in Hinche and Mirebalais, because, try to understand, gentlemen, if such an action has been carried out against a Lavalas senator who almost died and the people did nothing, let us imagine what the situation would be if it were a question of a simple citizen. Do you understand? This means there is no security. I ask the government, I ask for a reshuffle in the police management in the department." 

He explained that one of those involved in the murder attempt against him was not arrested by the police in spite of the fact that a warrant was issued for his arrest. 

7. [23] Report by Harold Saint-Louis: The Central Management of the Judicial Police has drawn up a positive report on Operation Hurricane that was carried out against drug traffickers in the various regions of the country from 23 September to 6 October. During this operation, the Office To Control Drug Trafficking, BLTS, seized a total of 1,526 kg of marijuana and 1 kg of cocaine and to burn three plantations of this product. Suspects and drug traffickers were arrested also. 

8. [28] Report by Jean-Robinson Exinord: Haiti is working on creating better diplomatic representation abroad in order to work on economic development. This is a statement by Foreign Minister Joseph Philippe Antonio during an exclusive interview he gave to Radio Nationale on Wednesday 10 October. He said "the ambassadors who have already been accredited [by the host countries] and ratified by the Senate will take office very soon". He added that he is working towards a diplomatic representation that meets the new economic strategies. He announced that Haiti has appointed two new ambassadors to represent the country in Cuba and the Bahamas and that these two ambassadors will appear before the Senate soon. "Diplomacy does not exist if it is not dynamic, if its function is not to make the relations existing between us and other countries more profitable," the minister said. He also announced that he is considering restructuring the Foreign Ministry in order to improve its operations. Concerning the political crisis, Antonio believes that Ambassador Einaudi's [OAS assistant secretary-general Luigi Einaudi] visit to Haiti as OAS representative will not only facilitate the resumption of the negotiations and the signing of a political agreement but also the reinforcement of diplomatic ties. 

9. [33] Report on a sit-in staged by members of the 30 September Foundation in Port-au-Prince yesterday. It was the 208th sit-in of this organization. On this occasion, the victims of the 30 September 1991 coup d'etat asked the government to speed up the question of compensation for the Raboteau massacre victims by recording the verdict of the civil trial of those who took part in the massacre. They asked judicial officials to render justice to those who were victimized during the coup d'etat. They also demanded the extradition of former Revolutionary Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti leader Toto Constant so that he can stand trial in Haiti. 

10. [35] Simon Liberis, deputy of the third district of Port-au-Prince, deplored the decision of Port-au-Prince Mayor Marie Yves Pouponneau Duperval to appoint a new director of the Port-au-Prince cemetery to replace Felix Bien-Aime. Liberis, who said this decision was made without the approval of the two deputy mayors, believes it is not right for Duperval to make such decisions while the CSCCA is preparing to publish the results of its audit on the management of the Port-au-Prince City Hall by the current municipal council. Liberis thinks that this decision was made because the cemetery director refused to send funds to the Port-au-Prince City Hall while an audit is under way. The deputy said this was a wise decision and he supports it 100 per cent. 

11. [38] The installation of the new director of the Port-au-Prince cemetery did not take place yesterday contrary to what was announced by Mayor Duperval. The presence of SWAT team and Intervention and Maintenance of Order Company policemen did not prevent a group of people, mostly employees of Port-au-Prince City Hall, from shouting slogans hostile to Duperval. The demonstrators asked President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to assume his responsibilities regarding the unreasonable dismissals that are being made by FL elected representatives. The demonstrators think Dr Duperval's decision to replace cemetery Director Felix Bien-Aime with Eddy Moise is aimed at creating more divisions within FL. 

13. [48] Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. On this occasion, Dr Eude Saint Preux Craan, minister of social affairs, and Dr Jean-Claude Desgranges, head of the private cabinet of the president of the Republic, visited the mentally ill at the Beudet Psychiatric Centre. On this occasion, the minister delivered a cheque for 46,875 gourdes and a freezer to Jean-Robert Vincent, administrative director of this centre. The minister said that her dream is that by the year 2004 all Haitian men and women will enjoy all their rights regardless of whether or not they have a mental illness. For his part, Dr Desgranges said that President Aristide gives special attention to the mentally ill. He explained that we need to show consideration for those who are suffering a mental illness. 

14. [54] Report by Maxo Baille: The Marsan Line [phonetic] Psychiatric Hospital organized a colloquium yesterday to celebrate World Mental Health Day. During this day of reflection, various subjects on mental health were discussed by doctors and other personalities working in the medical field in Haiti. Contrary to what many people think, convulsions are not contagious, according to specialists, who said that the number of mental illnesses have greatly increased in recent years. Dr Marie Ghislaine Louis Adrien explained the various causes of convulsions. Specialists say that the mentally ill must be treated like others in society. There are only 21 psychiatrists and about 200 psychologists in the Republic of Haiti, according to Adrien. 

Source: Radio Nationale, Port-au-Prince, in Creole 1400 gmt 11 Oct 01 

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.

Haiti: Highlights of Radio Galaxie news 1800 gmt 11 Oct 01 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 12, 2001

1. Marie-France Claude, speaking for the Haitian Christian Democratic Party, PDCH, of her late father Sylvio Claude, called on the protagonists of the crisis to make a patriotic gesture in order to end the country's political crisis. 

2. Interim Lavalas coordinator Yvon Neptune has lambasted the international community. He accused the OAS, European Union, IMF, World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) of joining a "vast plot" to exploit the Haitian people, starting with a series of "prefabricated" crises. He also charged that a small clique of intellectuals who were rejected by the people and are supported by the so-called Friends of Haiti are keeping the people in misery. 

3. Micha Gaillard, an opposition spokesman, noted that Neptune's remarks are aimed at stopping the negotiations. He insisted, however, that the opposition is willing to resume talks in order to reach an agreement. Dunois Erick Cantave of the National Congress of Democratic Movements (Konakom) urged a cautious reaction to Neptune's statements. He noted that this is a crucial time in which it is necessary to persevere in order to find a solution to the crisis. He added that it is a shame that the actors persist in using violent language given the situation of poverty the Haitian people are mired in. He said that he hopes that Lavalas leaders will understand that the country cannot wait any longer. For his part, Rosny Desroches of the Civil Society Initiative Group (GISC) said that he is unafraid of Neptune's words. He stated that the GISC is determined to help the people find a solution as soon as possible. 

4. OAS Assistant Secretary-General Luigi Einaudi is expected to arrive in Haiti today. He is expected to meet President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and members of the Democratic Convergence, Lavalas Family (FL) and GISC in preparation for the resumption of negotiations. It is not yet known how long he will stay in Haiti. 

5. The Democratic Convergence welcomes the return of Luigi Einaudi to Haiti. Micha Gaillard believes that the agenda for talks will cover the date of elections, the schedule for the departure of elected officials and a favourable political climate. He said that he expects that this time the truth will come out about what Lavalas is truly ready to offer. 

6. The Movement of Lavalas Organizations Against Unemployment and Hunger (Mouvement des Organizations Lavalas Contre le Chomage et la Faim, MOLCOFA) demands the resignation of Prime Minister Jean-Marie Cherestal. Spokesman Jean Fritzner Bellefleur criticized in particular the purchase of the prime minister's house. 

7. Pro-Lavalas people's organizations yesterday protested against Port-au-Prince Mayor Marie Yves P. Duperval's dismissal of the director of cemeteries. These organizations are against the appointment of Eddy Moise as the new director, saying that Mayor Duperval cannot make a unilateral decision. Moise's supporters, however, accuse the deputy mayors of supporting the outgoing director. 

Source: Radio Galaxie, Port-au-Prince, in French 1800 gmt 11 Oct 01 

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.

Haiti: Highlights of Radio Metropole news 1145 gmt 11 Oct 01 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 12, 2001

2. [04] The OAS begins a new mission in Haiti today. It is the 15th initiative of the regional organization. The mission will be led by OAS Assistant Secretary-General Luigi Einaudi. Ambassador Einaudi will be accompanied by US Ambassador to the OAS Roger Noriega. They hope to bring the protagonists of the crisis, the Lavalas Family (FL) and the Convergence, back to the negotiating table in order to finally reach a political agreement. 

3. [07] On the eve of the arrival of the OAS assistant secretary-general, the FL has once again adopted an arrogant tone. The interim leader of the party, Yvon Neptune, stated that a plot was being hatched by international institutions with the support of some sectors in Haiti to overthrow President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. 

4. [11] There is an atmosphere of serenity within the Democratic Convergence in the run-up to the relaunching of the negotiations for a way out of the crisis under the aegis of the OAS. The main opposition coalition hopes that Luigi Einaudi will facilitate the handling of the talks. Professor Micha Gaillard evokes the different points that are to be discussed. Gaillard said: "//We hope that Ambassador Einaudi will help us in this round of negotiations so that it may be a decisive round, as Ambassador Sergio R. Cuevas said.//" He went on to say: "//There are specific decisions that will have to be taken. So Einaudi will need to help both parties reach an agreement. It can be an agreement in which we could agree on the minimum with the other party. Or, it can be another type of agreement that will clearly state that the negotiations will not continue any longer.//" 

5. [13] It is now three months since the talks between FL and the Convergence broke off. Jean Numa Goudou gives a summary of today's political ambiance starting from the 21 May elections, and the talks and negotiations that followed. 

8. [22] The Civil Society Initiative Group (GISC) hails the return of Luigi Einaudi to facilitate the resumption of the negotiations. The GISC foresees certain difficulties in this new round of discussions especially on the issue that concerns the departure of the contested elected representatives and the new government. Rosny Desroches issues a call for the protagonists to reach a compromise. Desroches said: "We have discussed with the protagonists of the crisis the different points on which an agreement was not reached in order that we may consider solutions. We have some suggestions to make once the negotiations are formally resumed." 

9. [24] The International Republican Institute (IRI) hopes that a political agreement will be concluded between the protagonists to resolve the crisis. IRI hopes to resume its activities of support to the political parties following the closing of its office in Haiti almost two years ago. IRI representative Stanley Lucas said: "//We think that a political agreement is something that is essential to get the country out of the crisis. We hope that the political leaders understand the importance of a political agreement that, of course, takes into consideration previous problems, so that finally honest and free elections may take place in the country. We are looking forward to supporting political parties within the framework of a democratic process that is to be instituted.//" 

10. [25] The Haitian National Police (PNH) yesterday gave a report on the counterdrug operation carried out in several areas of the country. 

11. [28] Members of the Port-au-Prince municipal council are attacking each other once again after their reconciliation last Friday [5 October]. The cause of the disagreement is the appointment of Eddy Moise as head of the Port-au-Prince cemetery. Mayor Marie Yves P. Duperval made the appointment. Deputy Mayor Luckner Momplaisir denounces this unilateral action. 

12. [31] Deputy Simson Liberis wants the justice department to intervene in the conflict among members of the council of the Port-au-Prince city hall following the negative report submitted by the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation (CSCCA) on the management of the cartel. Liberis no longer believes in the unity of the municipal council. 

Source: Radio Metropole, Port-au-Prince, in French 1145 gmt 11 Oct 01 

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.


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From: Pierre Jean <pierrejean01@yahoo.com>

Clearly Brian Dean Curran has some explaining to do
regarding his comments earlier this week about Toto

On the other hand, shouldn't it read "expulsion order"
instead of "explosion order" in item #5? Is anyone
checking these releases before they are published?