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9241: To Haitian and Haitian-American living in ATLANTA (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

				Saturday, October 13, 2001
Good morning,
This memo is addressed to Folks who are living in the
metro (Atlanta, GA).  Without any doubt, we have a
large number of our compatriots living in the metro.
Do we have a Haitian community? No. Can we create one?
Yes. The event last September that had shocked the
world had passed quietly in the Haitian community. 
There is a reason for that; we do not have a structure
community. Each of us can have our own group and does
whatever we feel like doing, but there is a time when
there will be a need for community support. Today,
Haitians or Haitian-American living in the metro, we
are vulnerable; one cannot count on any large support
or substantial legal support. We can close our eyes
and make believe they don't exist; we have the same
problem all communities have throughout the US.  There
will be Police brutality, don't say it cannot happen
to, one of the top surgeon in the world, a Haitian
native cannot use his hand after being handcuffed by a
police officer. There are many, I choose that example
to let you know that we are all vulnerable. Most of
you like myself will stay in the metro until a better
opportunity arise; it is a cool place to live. Can we
make it more comfortable, more goal oriented, provide
assistance to our brothers and sisters, helping with
legal problem, medical problem and stand when it is
necessary to protest when the rights of Haitian are
violated. Today, we have a large number of illegal
Haitians living in the community, if they are going to
be deported should we stand for them and ask INS to
reconsider, some of them may not have families or
relatives over here. Brothers and sisters, we have
compelling reasons to create a functional Haitian
community in the metro. Many Haitians are losing their
children in the legal system, a flow of illegal
Haitians are living in the metro, we should establish
a legal help in order for them to get work permit, and
as well as to those who may have problem with INS,
helping our youths and so on. We should establish a
support network to deal with emergency and catastrophe
as well as a link with other functioning organization.
We should not duplicate anything already excited and
This will require dedicated people, who have an
interest to see a flourish Haitian community in the
NB: A community-based project is not a personal
business and cannot exclude anyone, any group. In
saying so, one has to take into account the religion
and the faith of the people living in the community.
If you schedule a meeting Saturday during Sabbath, you
have already excluded the Seven Days Adventist, the
same things apply if you schedule it on Sunday's
morning the Catholics or Protestants are also
excluded. So, the timing is very crucial for the first
meetings. I'm a diehard Catholic and my Church Starts
on Sundays at an unusual time 4:00 PM and knowing that
everywhere in the metro the minimum driving time is 34
minutes. Now the only time and day we can play with
fall on Saturdays between 7 PM to 9 PM or 7:30 PM to
9:30 PM 
	I believe we can create a community-based
organization where no one is left out; the initial
meeting must be done after Sabbath or the worship
hours for the Christian on Sundays and other
NB: Choose a time Slot Saturday after Sabbath 
(7PM -9PM) or (7:30PM-9: 30PM)
Write your name, title and location in the metro
Ex. Joseph Alfred, H.S. Teacher, Smyrna, GA
If you have a friend in the metro ATL, please forward
this note 
Send an email to: 

Joseph Alfred, Educator
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081-0334

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