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9258: Re: 9255: if you could read one book on haiti: First two replies

From: SBrown8670@aol.com

Simon Fass, Political Economy in Haiti


From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Casey Wolf asks for a single book recommendation to really help
you get a grip on Haiti?   

I cast my vote for "Written in Blood", revised edition, by
Michael Heinl, a member of this list.  Michael's father, part of
a U.S. military advisory group in Haiti in the 1950's I believe,
wrote the original in collaboration with his wife, Nancy.  It is
a long and detailed history of Haiti, with only an occasional
opinion surreptiously thrown in.  Michael's revised edition
covers the Baby Doc years and period up until Preval's election.
 The writing is wordy and tends to bog down, but if you manage
to plow through it, you will know A LOT about this place.  Most
other books I've seen on Haiti tend to be a bit too biased to
suit me.

Lance Durban