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9274: RE: 9253: Press release: World Food Programme busts union in Cap -Hatien (fwd)

From: "Walton, Robert" <waltonr@emh1.ftmeade.army.mil>

While many listmembers are justly concerned with the abuses heaped upon
Haitian citizens by its government and NGOs in bed with the same,  I am
unaware that much has been done to bring these matters before U.S.
mainstream media, the appropriate section at the U.N. headquarters (NYC) and
the U.S. State Department.  IMHO, left in blissful ignorance of these
abuses, these institutions will generally favor elected officials and
regimes.  These folks need to know how the local UN officials and Haitian
government are impacting Haitian citizens.  

IMHO, media exposure of the situation is key.  The UN headquarters will not
countenance the predatory actions of its local staffers if they are exposed.
The U.S. State Department may even rethink its position regarding support
for the current regime.  It's a pity that our government  assumes that the
Haitian government represents the majority of its people.  But then, who
else should the U.S. deal with?

Bob Walton