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9286: 9246: U.S. protects Haitian terrorist leader (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

The late unforgettable Jean L. Dominique has brilliantly stated on an NBC 
interview that there has always been a strong sense of double standard in 
the United States' perception of justice when it comes to Haiti.

In  this terrorism-related particular case involving FRAPH's Toto Constant 
and the United States plot of the September 30, 1991 coup d'etat against the 
first democratically elected president of Haiti (JBA), it is no surprise 
again that hypocrisy and discrimination evidence the double standard way 
Jean was speaking of in American foreign politics vis a vis Haiti. Do you 
all remember the propaganda that has been to demonstrate that the coup 
d'etat of 30 September 91 was because of Aristide's "leftist intransigent 
violent necklacing-proned" type of speech?  How well do we all remember 
this?  If it was just that the only cause of the coup, why did the State 
Department have to earse the names of so many US personalities found in the 
120,000 pages of the FRAPH document?   Why all that fuss for more than 8+ 
years before returning the FRAPH document to the GOH?

Ah! As much as the lies can run, the truth will always catch on them, sooner 
or later.

Roody BArthèlemy

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