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9312: forthcoming book form Beverly Bell: Haitian women stories of survival


Walking on Fire
Haitian Women's Stories of Survival 
and  Resistance



"Beverly Bell's remarkable book allows thirty-eight Haitian women to speak
for themselves  
They weave together an inspiring study in resistance and alternative
models of power."
- Susan Sarandon

"Beverly Bell opens a door that has been closed for much too long.
Oppressed beyond 
imagination, these voices convey sensibility, courage, creativity and
power. I am moved 
at my core."
- Margaret Randall

Haiti, noted for poverty and repression, has a long, powerful, and
too-often-overlooked history of resistance.  Equally powerful and
overlooked has been the role of women within that resistance.  

Walking on Fire brings together thirty-eight oral histories from a diverse
group of Haitian women.  The narrators include, for example, a former
prime minister, an illiterate poet, and a vodou dancer.  Together they
tell the untold story of how Haiti's poor and dispossessed have --despite
all odds-staked out the survival of their human integrity, community,
political voice, and democracy.  They combine theory with case studies of
resistance, gender, and power. Their narratives, and the accompanying
analysis, recount how their acts have collectively changed the balance of
political and social power in Haiti. 

Beverly Bell is the founder and director of the Center for Economic
Justice in Albuquerque, N.M. She has worked closely with the Haitian
democracy and women's movements for more than two decades. Edwidge
Danticat is the author of Breath, Eyes, Memory, The Farming of Bones, and
Krik? Krak! 

Walking on Fire
Haitian Women's Stories of Survival and Resistance

Available for holiday gift-giving; order early to ensure books arrive in

$18.95 (shipping and handling: 1 book: add $3.50, 2-5 books: add $2.75
each, 6-10 books: add $2.00 each).

Send check or money order, payable to Center for Economic Justice, to:
CEJ, 144 Harvard Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87106.



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