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9314: Kurzban and the IRI's millions (fwd)

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

I am grateful to the International Republican Institute's Stanley Lucas for 
providing details of the Government of Haiti's expenditure on lobbyists such 
as Ira Kurzban. In the interests of greater transparency in relation to the 
Haitian political scene, it is useful to see names and numbers. 

Along these lines, will Mr Lucas be so kind as to share with us details of 
the US$3 million that, according to the Washington Post newspaper, the 
International Republican Institute gave to the Democratic Convergence 
coalition last year?  

It would also be interesting to know some details about the US$7.94 million 
spent by the USAID in the financial year 2000 on its 'Genuinely Inclusive 
Democratic Governance' programme to support "Haitians in their transition to 
democracy by supporting transparent electoral processes, strengthening 
Haitian political institutions, increasing the effectiveness of elected 
officials, and promoting the rule of law." Which organisations and 
individuals received this money, how much, and what were they supposed to 
have done with it?

Charles Arthur