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9351: Re: 9338: Pina comments (fwd)

From: FAedouard@aol.com

It appears by Mr. Pina comments that any request for information on how Haitian government dollars are spent should be redirected at the person who brings out the information(Mr Stanley Lucas - IRI). What Mr. Lucas brought to attention of the group was public information readily available. The 2.6 million spent on Ira Kurtzban represent a substantial amount of money to the Haitian government. Like millions which were spent unchecked by the Aristide government in exile, a full accounting is due to the Haitian people. 

Money spent by the USAID goes through numerous check and balances before and after the project. The House Foreign Affairs committee has hundred of pages available on the web where Congressman ask pointed questions of USAID  about there budget,successes and failures. Conspiracy Theorist can claim the USAID is there to destroy Haiti and but it strange how many Haitians are always willing and happy to "cash" the check when its sent by the US Gov.