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9354: Fanmi Lavalas deputy criticizes apostolic nuncio's statement (fwd)

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Haiti: FL deputy criticizes apostolic nuncio's suggestion of power sharing 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 24, 2001

Deputy Wilner Content, of the ruling Lavalas Family, FL, has criticized the apostolic nuncio's suggestion for power sharing in order to get Haiti out of its current crisis. Content said that the only crisis was one created by the international community, which he blamed for creating the opposition Democratic Convergence and Civil Society Initiative Group (GISC). He blamed the GISC for the 1991 coup and said it and the Convergence were against Haiti and wanted to destroy it "because it is a nation of black people". And he blamed the bourgeoisie for convincing others that there is a crisis in Haiti. The following is the text of a report by Haitian Metropole radio on 23 October: 

Deputy Wilner Content has criticized the apostolic nuncio, who has advocated a quick solution to the crisis through a sharing of power. The Jacmel deputy said that the nuncio does not have the right to interfere in the country's internal affairs. Content uses the term laboratory, which was used earlier by his leader, Yvon Neptune. 

[Content - recording, in Creole] When the apostolic nuncio talks about a crisis I do not know what crisis he is talking about. For, it is the very international community that created the crisis and wants to make the Haitian people believe that there is a crisis. They even want to persuade people in other countries that there is indeed a crisis. I know that it was the international community on 21 May [2000; when general elections were held in Haiti] that declared that there was a counting problem. They then got together and created the Convergence. 

They also created the Civil Society Initiative Group [GISC]. It was that same civil society that carried out the coup d'etat of 30 September 1991 when the people had decided to choose their destiny and leader. They then staged a coup d'etat causing the death of more than 5,000 people. And there were more than 50,000 that drowned at sea, plus a lot of people who escaped to the Dominican Republic. Now, they are asking us to unite while they are spreading division within society. 

Whenever the international community decides to abandon the Haitian people and let the Haitian people have its own way, then I believe the Convergence and the GISC will not exist anymore. Those two sectors always get together when it has to do with destroying the country, because it is a nation of black people. Because we remember that, after we won our independence, they did not want to recognize us as an independent nation although they had said that they loved the Haitian people. 

Now, if they just let the Haitian people have its own way, you will see, they will not talk about crisis anymore or about the Convergence, whom we consider an enemy that wants to destroy the Haitian people. 

[Unidentified journalist] You seem to consider the apostolic nuncio a partisan. Do you not think that he is rather a wise person, a moral authority? 

[Content] I had thought and I would believe that he was a wise person, a moral authority. But as you know there is an elite in the country that is called a bourgeoisie. That same class of people contributed to 1915 [occupation by the USA - following the killing of President Gen Vilbrun Guillaume Sam, who was torn to pieces by a mob - which lasted until 1934] and 30 September to destroy the people. That same bourgeoisie controlled that sector and the press. 

The bourgeoisie influences the wise people and the Haitian people. It makes them believe that there is a crisis and that without the crisis the country will not be unblocked. And yet it is the interest of a particular class that it is defending. It is not defending the interest of the people. They want to destroy the people because they are a black nation. 

[Journalist] You said that it controls the press. Does that mean that the press is under the control of a sector in Haiti? 

[Content] The press is not under the control of a sector. As you know, there is an international laboratory that always wants to divide the people. I am referring to those people. That laboratory joins with all countries that want to destroy all black nations throughout the world. 

[Journalist] Identify the enemies then. 

[Content] You see, all the black nations or wherever there are black people in the world, for instance, the way the black people are being treated in the United States, in South Africa, in Nigeria and in the Congo. The only black republic that exists in the American continent, then those people, the Haitian traitors that claim to be the opposition and that took part in the coup d'etat are now the decision-makers. They claim to be an intellectual class, and they want to destroy the people because they want to be the only people in the country. 

[Journalist] Deputy Content, do you not think you have gone too far? 

[Another unidentified journalist] The Apostolic Nuncio wants the FL to share power. 

[Content] The people decided on the person they want to lead the country. On 21 May, the people chose Lavalas. On 26 November [2000], the people chose Lavalas. In this case, the apostolic nuncio will have to talk to the Haitian people, if he can speak to the Haitian people, so that the people may give the opposition a little power. Because it is not the FL that does not want to share power. It is the people who decide who should lead the nation, because those people have done enough. They staged the coup d'etat of 30 September 1991. The people know those who did them wrong. 

Source: Radio Metropole, Port-au-Prince, in French 1145 gmt 23 Oct 01 

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