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9359: University of Oklahoma Up Date (fwd)

From: qret6394 <pharris@ou.edu>

Hi Folks: It has been quite sometime since I wrote into the list. I am
happy to announce the third annual trip OU students will be making to
Haiti July 19- July 31st. Our scheduled trip will take us from
Port-au-Prince north to Gaonaives and finally to Lakou Dereal where we
will spend the majority of out two weeks in country. Our trip this last
July was a big success. If anyone is interested in participating in this
course I may be contacted off line at pharris@ou.edu. There are a
limited number of spaces available and students have the option of
enrolling for three transferrable upper division credit hours. In
addition I am in the process of developing two online courses that
pertain specifically to Haiti. I will keep list members posted.
Patti K. Harris
University of Oklahoma