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9377: Former list member needs information

From: Pierre Minn <pminn@hotmail.com>


I have two questions about Haiti and the Dominican Republic:

[Please note:  Pierre is no longer a list member:  write him
directly at:  pminn@hotmail.com]

1.  Does anyone know if there have been studies carried out among Haitians 
working in the bateys in the Dominican Republic?  Most documents I have seen 
have been reports by groups like the Human Rights Commission and Amnesty 
International, who give snapshot accounts of the situation in the bateys.  I 
am looking for a long-term, ethnographic study that looks in-depth at the 
social patterns that develop in this context.

2.  How can I get to Cap-Haitien from Puerto Plata, DR?  Are there any 
buses?  I would appreciate any details (price, length of travel, security, 

Thank you very much,
Pierre Minn

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