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9396: Re: 9389: Re: 9274: Walton on US Support of Haiti's Government-Dorce Comments (fwd)

From: "Caribbean Power S.A. Haiti" <carbpow@hotmail.com>

As a citizen of Haiti I see very little support for the current "government" 
  holding power in Haiti. There is a residual fondness for the personality 
of President Aristide however. The constant blaming of the US for Haiti's 
problems is getting a little old. Right now we'll take help from anyone who 
offers it. There is not a major foreign government the European Union, 
France etc, that supports the present government in Haiti that I'm aware of. 
If so please correct me and ask them to send us a little help. The average 
person here only seems to know one thing. It's worse now than before and 
please don't insult our intelligence by telling us that the United States is 
the reason. We know who is the head of our government and we know he has 
gotten rich while we've gotten poorer. The main opposition party may not be 
the answer but at least give them a few seats in the Senate, end the impasse 
and hold on until the next election. We are a patient people but we are 
tired. We are also not stupid.

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