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9418: Re: 9401: Re: 9398: dictionary (fwd)

From: "Benjamin J. Hebblethwaite" <bhebblet@indiana.edu>

Dear Ms. Coates,

I think it is important to note the title of Professor Valdman's English -
Haitian Creole dictionary: "A LEARNER'S dictionary of Haitian Creole."  As
a learner's dictionary it succeeds tremendously.  It is the only bilingual
dictionary in the Haitian Creole domain that provides full-sentence
exemplification in English with a complete Haitian Creole translation.
The 8,000 entries it contains provide the learner with the fundamental
vocabulary necessary for basic communication in Haiti and its diaspora.
Note also that the label 8,000 words is deceptive since Dr. Valdman and
his team have analyzed polysemes and homonyms carefully (look up the verb
"bat" or "pran," for example).  It is unreasonable to expect a LEARNER's
dictionary to contain rarities from Haiti's plant and animal kingdoms!

I also note that the development of my own Creole and the Creole of my
students profits greatly from Dr. Valdman's dictionary.  It is important
to judge things based on their intended function, not on what we
ourselves, in our advanced Creole, may want and need.  Lexicographical
works that address those needs are on the way from Dr. Valdman and Dr.
Freeman -- in the meanwhile, I think a show of patience and understanding
is necessary!

Benjamin Hebblethwaite 

beginners and intermediate students it provides densely arranged
information bil