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9428: Corbett asks help with his course on Haitian Voodoo: 3 questions

 I am currently teaching a course in Haitian Voodoo religion
here in Vienna.  In discussion which came up over a
glass of wine in a coffee house the other day two 
questions came up which I am seeking help on.  Then
there is a third item which the students are asking
help on.

I, in turn, and coming to the list begging some help.

1.  What is the connection and actual relationships,
if any, between God, (Bondye) and the lwa?

The question isn't about the DIFFERENCE between
Bondye and the lwa.  That I know.  Rather, do the
lwa have any relationship to Bondye and if so
what?  Anyone know any on-line sources on this
particular issue?

2.  There are dozens, if not hundreds of lithographs
of Catholic saints which are images of lwa and are 
sold in Haiti and which are in many homes.

I have a very large collection of those I have
purchased in the markets over the years in Haiti,
but I didn't bring them with me here to Vienna.

I would like my students to see some of them.
Does anyone know if there are any of these
pictured anywhere on the web?

3.  I have asked each of my students to go onto
the web and find three worthwhile essays to read
about Haitian Voodoo which will supplement the
reading we are doing in common.  Since I have
a large number of students and want no two students
to read the same articles (so that we get much more
variety of input in their oral reports on their reading),
the students are complaining that they are finding
too few SUBSTANTIAL articles on the web.

If any of you know urls to SPECIFIC worthwhile 
articles of some substance, or to specific web
sites which are promising, my students and I
would be very grateful if you could pass them on
to me and then I will post them to the students.

Thanks,  Bob Corbett