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9646: Re: other questions on Vodoun (fwd)

From: Martha O'Brien <mobfa1@mail.francis.edu>

While we are on the subject of questions about Vodoun--the students in my Freshman seminar about Haiti asked some questions which I was unable to answer.  I would appreciate any help you can give us.  (These questions came from the students--I have edited them slightly for precision and grammar.) 

     1)  ( When people are possessed,) " Are the spirits trying to talk through the people to send a message?  If so, what kind of message would they send?"

     2)  "When a person becomes obsessed by the lwa, are others at
the ceremony allowed to ask the lwa questions to find
out answers? "  

     3)  "Is there a good chance that every practicing
member of Vodoun will be possessed at some point in (his or her life)?

     4)   If you have been possessed (once), is there a greater
chance that you will be possessed again?  Or is it a once
in a lifetime occurrence?  

     5)  "Can children be possessed?" 

     6)  " What is the purpose of Vodoun
ceremonies?  Do they praise God or is it more a matter of
looking to the lwas for answers?"  (Or both?) 

Martha O'Brien
Instructor of Music
Museum 14
Saint Francis University 
Loretto, PA 15940