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9471: 9458: Re: 9445: RE: 9422: Open Discussion (fwd)

From: Matt Ray <mray@novell.com>

I heard, when I was in Haiti last, that it has become more expensive to produce and sell crops than it has to import things.    Can someonee verify this?     For example, someone said that the US sells all the meat that they don't normally consume (turkey legs for example) to Haiti for dirt cheap.    Because of that, many people who used to raise chickens in Haiti find that they can't compete with the price of the subsidized food coming from the US.     Another example was corn.   I was told that it cost more to grow corn in Haiti than it did to have it imported, thus, taking away the economical motivation for growing crops.    Is this a bunch of baloney (no pun intended) or is there truth to it. 
Also, as far as the post below goes, I agree that people should be growing crops for their own, personal consumption.      At the very least, they should be able to sustain themselves on at least their own large gardens.