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9476: Re: 9467: German navy in Haiti in 1900: Corbett needs more data (fwd)

From: Windel44@aol.com

Hi, this is Wolfgang Windel from Hamburg, Germany.

The postcard is from a set of 12 postcards, all about "Affäre Lüders" 
(december 1897). The haitian-german Lüders was condamned by the haitian 
authorities to go to prison, the german emperor sends two gunboats 
("Charlotte", "Stein").  They demanded  from president Simon Sam 20 000 $ and 
a white capitulation-flag in front of the palace. The situation on the 
postcard is the moment, when a german officiel  gave the demands to the 
harbour-captain of Port-au-Prince.  President Sam paid the money, the german 
gunships left the harbour in january.
The Affaire Lüders was the highpoint of the terrible gunboat-politic of 
Germany in the 19. th century.