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9493: An Annotated Bibliography on the Haitian Revolution, a , collective construction ? (fwd)

From: Karen Davis <kdavis@marygrove.edu>

From:	Rosanne M. Adderley, Department of History, Tulane University

The importance of the Haitian Revolution in the Caribbean and Atlantic world
is well known by all of us. It is surprising, however, how many of our
libraries lack enough resources, primary and secondary, related to this
event that profoundly affected the history of the United States as well as
all Latin America. In my own research I have been limited, by the
unavailability of these sources.

This condition in the US even affects our ability to construct a first-class
annotated bibliography. For this matter, I will ask your cooperation. I
wonder if some of you could throw in your ideas about the most important
authors addressing the Haitian Revolution. I am thinking about classics as
C.L.R. James, Eric Williams, and even Gordon Lewis. Yet, also more recent
authors deserve attention.

Moreover, if we still have energy and interest, could we produce comments
about relevant primary sources, either in French, Creole, English or
Spanish? I am sure many of us could benefit from this exchange.