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9501: Re: 9486: Re: 9424: FW: 9401: Re: 9398: dictionary: Coates comments (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

A little correction: Féquière

“The Kreyol-Kreyol dictionary is a must that I think will be produced
eventually by linguists/lexicographers of the language.  Felquiere Vilsaint 
has produced a small one that I have used (but once again, limited lexicon, 
some definitions less than valuable for understanding), but a team of 
specialists is needed to produce the "Robert" of Kreyol....” (Carrol F. 

Little by little, the work will be done for a real *Diksyonè Referans Lang 
Ayisyen*. Maude HEURTELOU also co-authored *Diksyonè Kreyòl Vilsen* (first 
monolingual Kreyol dictionary).


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