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9506: Re: Growing food in gardens (fwd)

From: "Marc A. Christophe" <mactof@erols.com>

Hi Nancy,

    I have been following with interest the discussion about the state of
Haitian Agriculture.  As one who often travels to Haiti and plans in the
near future to start a farming project in Saint Marc, I am particularly
interested in ways of improving soil condition and fertility.  Could you
explain your statement concerning the "mushroom compost" that you obtained
from a friend?  was the compost a by product of cow manure? of mushroom
growth? Was it used to grow mushroom?
Please explain?
    By the way I agree with you, in many areas around Saint Marc I have seen
people using their backyards or small plots of land to grow some kind of
    It is refreshing to note that some of us on the list have in part moved
away from the somewhat tiring, unending and at times aberrant discussions on
Haitian politics, to tackle more practical, may I say more realistic issues?