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9508: RE: 9496: Seeking bibliography on Haitian women (fwd)

From: "Walton, Robert" <waltonr@emh1.ftmeade.army.mil>

A Google <www.google.com> phrase search, "Women in Haiti" returned more
usable info than your student can comfortably read in a semester.  An
AltaVista <www.altavista.com> phrase search did likewise.  I heartily
recommend learning/teaching others to use web-based search tools (search
engines) such as Google, AltaVista and others, a world of knowledge would be
opened to both!  A caution- For extensive scholarly research, the web is not
a replacement for the library!

Both of the above search engines allow the use of a simple "phrase search"
which is performed by enclosing the search words in parentheses.  I
encourage everyone to learn how to use  their favorite search engine
effectively.  "Mouse-click" on Google's "Advanced Search" link or
AltaVista's "Help" link. (AltaVista's "Help" is in small print at the bottom
of the AltaVista screen.)