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9539: Re: 9528: Re: 9521: Re: Research Visas ? (fwd)

From: aussie_grimel@adam.com.au

Quoting Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu>:

> From: amedard@gte.net
> > Hi there - it took me 3 years and yet 30 minutes to get my Resident's
> > permit - because finally I knew someone who knew someone!! -
> You don't need a Resident's permit (Permit de Sejour).

I think whoever wrote this response had a lucky day.  To get the Permis de 
Sejour is not as easy as you say. And you're supposed to begin the whole 
process from the nearest Haitian embassy to where you're from OUTSIDE of Haiti. 
A lot of people try to shortcut, and it works for some, but you need 6 copies 
of heaps of stuff. You should be able to get a list of what's required from the 
embassy.  I never got mine finished before I left the country!
I agree that you can do it yourself, and don't pay the guides, but this will 
probably mean it will take longer as the bribe system is a well-oiled machine, 
so be prepared. 
also be aware that things change as time goes on, and what was easy under one 
government/system doesn't automatically imply that it remains that way.
Bon chans!