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9537: Research visas

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Yeah you can do it all yourself, if you speak French or Creole and have
of patience and a good attitude and a vehicle to get yourself around. I
my own stuff myself and it only took about three or four hours. A friend 
shuttled me around P-au-P and waited in the car while I went in and out of 
offices and got sent from one to another. But I was very persistent and
French and Creole. I had a strong hunch that I was very, very lucky in all
transactions with various government agencies (getting  car insurance
too). Often I  thanked and congratulated people on how well they had been 
operating things since Aristide's return (and I meant it, too). I never
to pay a bribe, either. Of course that was in 1996. --nancy laleau