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9544: Re: 9540: Haitian Proverbs (fwd)

From: Sara Pilling <spilling@directvinternet.com>

"Ak patyans, ou ap oue trip formi" With patience, one can see the
intestine of the ant.

We've a women's empowerment project in LaPlaine [P-au-P], where the
women gather for 6 months and ostensibly learn to create that famous
Haitian embroidery. At the same time they are forming 'community',
learning other practical skills but most importantly having a safe place
to speak their truths and to dream of a better future for themselves,
both individually and collectively.

This last cycle there was one young woman who just could not get the
sewing technique. Close to quitting, she was encourgaged by the other
women to give it one last try. Apparently, she worked and worked and
worked and three days later she returned with her first finished piece
that she could say, 'this is good' - and it was!.

It was an important lesson for these group of women and they took this
proverb as their 'logo'. This one woman inspired the others to dig deep
within themselves and the result was some beautful table linens,
available for sale.

Sara Pilling
Scholarship soley