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9555: Re 9552: Antoine responds to Laleau (fwd)

From: GUY S ANTOINE <guyantoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

> When I lived in Haiti in the 'sixties, a very popular song was "Pe
> -- "Pe Hilaire monte sou tablo tout fam douce..." (Father Hilaire goes up
> the altar and says "all women are sweet"--a play on the "Dominus vobiscum"

I know I should have bigger worries, but I do cringe when I see such
of Kreyl as in the phrase that Nancy offered as evidence in her reply to
"Pe Hilaire monte sou tablo tout fam douce..." just does not make sense. The
real words were: "P Hil monte sou lotl, sa w kw l di? Dominus vobiscum,
tout fanm dous."  Furthermore, the "all women are sweet" translation
contains the
most polite connatation of "dous" one could possibly imagine, but
is much closer to the reality being conveyed.

My own question to the group has to do with the identity of Pre Hilaire...
can tell us more about him?

Guy S. Antoine
Windows on Haiti