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9560: Showtime: Feast of All Saints (fwd)

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

During the last 2 evenings I watched a mini-series on TV because I read a 
review that said it included little known historical links between Haitian 
and US history.   I am sorry to say that although the links were there, the 
whole show and its portrayal of Haiti were terrible.  The show was about the 
mulatto class of free slaves in Louisiana some of whom had resettled there 
from Haiti during or after the revolution.  There were some very well known 
African-American actors doing terrible French accents, mispronouncing 
Dessalines' name, and other French/Creole words.  If that was not enough, all 
we saw of Haiti was a scene played several times in which white men, women, 
and children suffer attrocities.  There are also some alledged vodou 
ceremonies that did not look like any you have ever seen (including one in 
which the mambo arranges for a young mulatto girl to be raped by a group of 
white men).  The subject of the movie was actually about the life of colored 
mistresses of white men and their children.  It claimed to be about practice 
of " plasaj" between white men and freed black women and the strange status 
of their families living in a society in which slavery still existed.
 Did any historians see that?  Comments?