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9565: Haitian Pastor Dies in Airline Crash (fwd)

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November 13, 2001


         VALLEY FORGE, PA (ABNS)-Word has been received that the Rev. Jean
Luc Phanord, executive secretary of the Haitian Missionary Baptist Church
Association in the Dominican Republic, was among the victims of American
Airlines Flight #587 that crashed in Queens yesterday morning shortly after
takeoff from John F. Kennedy Airport.

         All 260 passengers and crew members on board the plane and at least
six persons on the ground were killed.  Initial evidence indicates
mechanical malfunction was the cause of the accident.

Dr. John Sundquist, executive director of American Baptist International
Ministries, called on American Baptists to "pray for Rev. Phanord's family
and his associates at the Haitian Missionary Baptist Church Association in
the Dominican Republic and for Kristy Engle, International Ministries
missionary to the Dominican Republic, who has worked very closely with Rev.



Prayer up-date November 12, 2001
Stephen and Francesca (Missy) Crane
American Baptist Missionaries to the Dominican Republic

“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be
praised.” (Job 1:21 b, NIV).

The Rev. Jean Luc Phanord was aboard American Airlines flight 587 this
morning when it crashed shortly after takeoff from JFK Airport in New York.
He was in the States to attend a business meeting concerning the ministry of
the Good Samaritan Hospital.  An estimated 175 Dominicans perished in the
   Rev. Phanord, 49, was pastor of the Maranatha Haitian Missionary Baptist
Church of La Romana for more than 20 years.  During his ministry the church
grew and flourished to include a number of ministries, primarily to Haitian
immigrant communities in the Dominican Republic.  He was a graduate of the
Baptist Theological Seminary in Limbe, Haite.  He helped found the
Association of Haitian Missionary Baptist Churches in the Dominican Republic
in 1987, of which he served as Executive Minister from the founding until
his death.  This Association was one of American Baptist International
Ministries' ministry partners in the Dominican Republic.  One of the
principle projects to which he dedicated his life to was the creation of the
Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana.  The hospital was under construction
for many years and officially opened 4 years ago, in November of 1997.  Over
the years many short-term mission teams from the U.S. have been a part of
this ministry.
   Jean Luc was often heard to say, “The Lord will not take me one minute
before my time.”  He also was confident of his eternal destination; Jean Luc
is now with his God.  Bob Beck, a close friend of Jean Luc’s, stated in an
e-mail message today, “Each of our lives have been blessed with the spirit,
vision, and faith of Pastor Phanord.”
   Please remember to pray for Jean Luc’s wife Elsa and their three 
Joanne (in College in Florida), Jessica and Junior (both at home with their
mother in La Romana).  Pray also for the church in La Romana at this time of
   Jean Luc was a beloved co-worker and brother in Christ.  His dedication 
the missionary work in the D.R. will be greatly missed.  An announcement of
services and memorials will be sent out in a future e-mail announcement.

May the Lord richly bless you in every way.

Steve and Francesca (Missy) Crane

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