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9574: Claude Dambreville - Featured at MedaliaArt (fwd)

From: CRGross <crgross@optonline.net>

We'd like to announce that Claude Dambreville, internationally renowned
Haitian artist, is being featured on the website, MedaliaArt The Art of
Haiti, www.medalia.net   Mr. Dambreville has chosen some incredibly creative
new works to be shown exclusively at MedaliaArt and as an extra bonus has
shared his written thoughts on each painting. There is also an introduction,
written by the artist himself, which details his life and his perspective on
his works. For the next month the paintings are not only featured but also
offered at reduced prices. We urge you to view these works, read the
artist's comments and take advantage of the sale.

Consuelo Gross
MedaliaArt, The Art of Haiti