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9571: Haiti:The Decadence (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Please Read: <<I believe everyone should get involved
to make Haiti a better place to live; whether you
speak/write Creole, French, English, Spanish or
German, you are welcome; whether you were born in or
outside of Haiti, whether you are Haitian descend or
not you are welcome as long as you express the desire
to work for a better Haiti. A foreigner might be more
Haitian than Haitian, remember a foreigner had seen on
TV a footage about toxic waste being dumped in Haiti
within second, she had called and already that process
to remove it was underway, it had taken years but she
is more Haitian than Haitian. We have loft of Haitians
who are not Haitian descend and have not even visited
Haiti yet, they are more Haitians than Haitian: those
who sent help to assist our brothers and sister,
clothes, food, medicine. When I see a Haitian native
who cannot speak neither Creole nor French and come to
assist, try to learn Creole, I open my heart to you
and say come on brother, come on sister. When I see a
dynamic woman in charge of providing a translator for
the Creole language, she is not a Haitian native, but
she is more Haitian than Haitian, action is needed. 
Talking to raise the issue but at some time, proper
action shall be taken.
I?m a disciple of Toussaint Louverture and I study in
depth Nelson Mandela one of the greatest human being
ever existed in our time. I believe in forgiveness, I
believe in second chance, I?m a product of a second
chance. Everybody knows that no one had changed
his/her citizenship because of a distaste for the
country, if that were the case that person will never
enter in anything related to Haiti, you have to
survive where you are, my friends. But I thank you all
for being the backbone of Haiti wherever you are.
Everyone shall have the opportunity to prove
him/herself. Speaking Creole, French, or English has
nothing to do with your ability; the country needs
your expertise.>>  J. Alfred

Haiti The Decadence era
Joseph Alfred   joe_Alfred@yahoo.com

This period, in which we are living right now, I call
it ?La décadence? everything is accepted. For us this
decadence that had started since 1980, it will be
around for quite some time. Politic of starvation,
cold-blooded murders are working freely on the street,
corruption everywhere, promiscuity, thieves, small
thieves, big thieves, professional thieves. This era
had brought ?la confusion? instead using the word
Justice we say Hustice the ?J? is missing. Nowadays,
it is politically correct to say: ? We are democrats?
instead we call ourselves ?democrabes?  ?Les
démocrabes de chez nous? the ?T? is missing.  This one
will blow your mind away we are using the word
?negotiation? without even knowing really its truth
meaning; we use ?coercion? instead.
To be fair with you let define Negotiation and
Negotiation: A collaborative approach to problem
Coercion: The act of dominating or restraining by
force; making something happen by force or THREAT; (ex
 if you don?t do this, I will do or not give ?; this
is blackmail) 
Mediation: resolving conflicts with the assistance of
a neutral third party who does not influence the
Arbitration: Resolving conflicts with the assistance
of a neutral third party who directs the solution.
You can create your own word but you should be kind
enough to define it or in your own mind if you don?t
agree with what the common people see in the
dictionary, you are free to redefine that word but
don?t mislead the public. At this time, unless someone
can prove otherwise, I see coercion instead of
negotiation and arbitration instead of mediation. 

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