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9590: Martha Jean-Claude dies in Cuba (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

The singer, Martha Jean-Claude died on November 14, 2001 at the age of 82 after one month in a hospital in Cuba, where she had been living since going into exile under Papa Doc. (All her children and family were by her side). 

Her exceptional folklore music remained known to all Haitians over the years and is part of the history and culture of the nation and the diaspora.  The beauty of her music would send chills up my spine and I was fortunate to see her sing at Madison Square Garden in the 80s and in recent years she performed in Haiti. President Rene Preval honored Ms. Jean-Claude with a national medal of honor and merit for her contribution to Haitian culture during a ceremony at the National Palace. 

In Cuba, Ms. Jean-Claude married a Cuban and had four children:  Linda, an opera singer in Madrid; Sandra, a musician based in Amsterdam; Richard, a musician and director of the Martha Jean-Claude Foundation in Haiti; and Magadalena, a doctor based in Cuba.  

The funeral is being held today in Cuba and I understand former president Rene Preval will be present.  

Her music will live on forever.